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Mr K Shanmugam SC

Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, Singapore

Mr K Shanmugam SC is the Singapore Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law.
Mr Shanmugam has been Law Minister since May 2008, and concurrently:

1. Second Minister for Home Affairs, May 2008 – October 2010;
2. Minister for Home Affairs, October 2010 – May 2011, and since September 2015; and
3. Minister for Foreign Affairs, May 2011 – September 2015.

As Minister for Law, Mr Shanmugam has overseen changes to Singapore’s legal profession, to build a more vibrant legal sector. These include: reforming the arbitration regime in Singapore, encouraging international law practices to anchor regional work in Singapore, and facilitating collaboration between Singapore and international law practices. The Singapore International Commercial Court and the Singapore International Mediation Centre were also established during his tenure as Law Minister.

Prior to entering Cabinet, Mr Shanmugam was a Senior Partner and Head of Litigation & Dispute Resolution at Allen & Gledhill LLP, then the largest law firm in Singapore. He was in practice for over 20 years, and was appointed Senior Counsel in 1998.

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