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Professor Catherine A. Rogers

Law Professor, Bocconi Univeristy; Founder & CEO, Arbitrator Intelligence

Catherine Rogers is a Professor of Law at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Her scholarship focuses on the convergence of the public and private in international adjudication, the intersection of markets and regulation of professional conduct, and on the reconceptualization of the attorney as a global actor. Professor Rogers is a Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Restatement of the U.S. Law of International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration.
Among her research projects, Professor Rogers co-chaired the ICCA-Queen Mary Task Force on Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration and a Member of the IBA Taskforce on Guidelines regarding Party Representatives in International Arbitration. She is credited with initiating global consideration of legal ethics in cross-border settings, and authored the first book on the topic Ethics in International Arbitration (OUP 2014). Professor Rogers is also the founder of Arbitrator Intelligence, legal tech start-up that leverages modern data collection strategies to make arbitrator selection more predictable and transparent.

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